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Even beyond the debate about traditional vs. contemporary styles of music, this blogger puts his finger on a serious trend in modern churches that needs to be addressed. Worship is not about performance, it is about participation.

Really…it’s about Christ. But we should be helping the body of Christ participate, not just spectate, during the worship time.
I believe the worship we offer to the Lord during a service is as important as the preaching. The music service is vital because we must worship Him in Spirit AND in Truth. Both/And!
Please take a minute to read the thoughts and hear the heart of someone who is genuinely concerned about where these modern trends are taking us.

Thinking Out Loud

worship_tshirt As of today, I have seen the future of the modern worship movement, and even now, I am convinced that we are not being well-served.  Today I got to observe the height of performance-oriented worship formatting; songs that were completely unfamiliar pitched in keys that rendered them completely un-singable. I also saw the approach toward casual dress of platform/stage personnel at its worst. I also observed song lyrics that simply cannot be supported theologically. Throughout it all, I was expected to remain standing.

Oddly enough, part of the reason we decided to take our free Sunday at this church was because of its history and reputation for outstanding worship. I really don’t want to be a curmudgeon, but I honestly feel that worship leaders to need to rethink some basics before assembling a worship set.

  • At least one hymn (yes, mostly for demographic reasons, but also for theological ones)
  • At…

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