A Preacher’s Profile

My name is Jarod. I am a follower of, and a believer in, the Lord Jesus Christ. Before anything else can be understood about me, I must be known in that context. He is everything to me. He sustains all things (including me) by the Word of His power.

I sensed the call to preach when I was six years old. I have sought to follow that calling ever since. God has opened some interesting doors for me and I am a very blessed man. I preach whenever I have an audience or opportunity, be that an audience of one or one-thousand. I even tend to preach without meaning to.

I enjoy writing and I have posted some of my work here for your encouragement, entertainment, and instruction. I like to think I am a simple guy, who understands things in a simple way. I have tried to make my writing understandable to even the most average, every day guy. Because I feel like an average guy. (Most days.)

The best way to get to know “about” me is to check out some of my work. So feel free to browse!

I live in Virginia with my wife and our five children. All of these I treasure dearly. I have no more important role than that of Husband and Father.


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